Thrifty Treasures


With Halloween around the corner and the UNICEF Masqarued Ball giveaway, I figured what better time to put together a list of a few of my favorite spots to go thrifting for clothes and costumes!

If you don't love the game of hunting I would suggest going to vintage stores rather than thrift stores where the treasures have already been hunted for you. I have marked my picks for you with a “t” for thrift store an “v” for vintage store.

Goodwill (t)
American Way (t)
Jet Rag (v)
Estate Sales
Assistance League (t)
Council Thrift Stores(t)
Out of the Closet (t)
Flea Markets
Chelsea Vintage (v)
Antique Malls

A fun thing I like to do whenever I am driving around town for showings, meetings, or traveling is types in "thrift stores" in the maps app and find new treasure boxes!

Happy Hunting!

Sarah JacksonComment