Spring Cleaning with Bianca Grimmel


We chatted with our girl Bianca, a professional organizer specializing in home & life management services to get her top 10 spring cleaning & organizing tips.

  1. MEASURE BEfore you buy

    Organize your space and measure before you buy any product! One of the biggest organizing mistakes is buying bins/household organizers before actually organizing. First off, you need to see what's left after decluttering, then decide where the best place for this IS now - edited category will "live." Only after going through these steps should you measure and buy a product for final placement.

  2. go low and slow

    Systems take time and if you rush through organizing they most likely won't last.

  3. use moving as prime time to let go!

    Don't take unneeded and never - used items to your new space. You are wasting time boxing UP unnecessary items AND then paying for them to be moved. Force yourself to pare down and only take items that fit your current lifestyle

  4. closet 101

    Hang if you have space,  fold if you don't - Closet 101.

  5. Label!

    Labeling is so helpful around the house to keep you on track. This works very well for visual people that need to see designated homes for their belongings. It's also great when there are multiple people in a household so that everyone knows where to put things back.

  6. Always go vertical

    Make the most use of vertical space rather than horizontal so you’rE not taking up square footage. Make use of your walls, adjust shelves if need be, and stackable organizing products are always helpful.

  7. keep these questions in mind

    When deciding on if you'd like to keep clothes keep these questions in mind. Does it fit? Do I still enjoy this style? What’s the condition? If the answer is yes let it go! There are so many great donation/textile resources out there that will gladly take these items off your hands!

  8. Check those expirations!

    This can be a kitchen, bathroom item, or general household product. If it's been sitting around, the color/consistency has changed, or you just don't use it, let it go!


    See the value in your space. People have this, "but I spent money on it mentality" which can make it hard to let go of things. But they forget the "other cost" of these items taking up physical space.

  10. WHOLE HOUSE organization

    When working on a whole house organization start in the garage. typically, the garage is a household dumping ground. Once you've accomplished that space, and move into organizing the house, you will have the garage cleared and available to store the not every day or deep storage home items.

If you are looking to hire a professional organizer, Bianca offers a wide range of services and is part of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals.

Contact Bianca to get the job done right!

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